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Fix Your Data

Get only the information you need.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Our Specialties

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Building An Data Stack From Scratch

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Implementing Detailed Product Analytics

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Developing A Data Roadmap

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Our Approach

High-growth and early stage startups have a unique set of data problems. Many times they don’t have a team member dedicated to data, or they’re too resource-constrained to have their members tackle all of their existing problems. All of this occurs at the most crucial point of developing the company’s data infrastructure. As a result, many startups end up incurring very expensive data tech debts that they struggle with for years to come.

At Mentat, we have experience dealing with all of these problems. Our approach is focused on implementing robust, low-maintenance solutions. We start with your most important questions and work our way back to your ideal needs. Our focus is on solving your problems for the long term so that you’re empowered to answer your questions without further need for outside help.

Companies We've Helped Build

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Some Of Our Specialties

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Customer Data Platform

Product Intelligence Platform

Business Intelligence Tool

Fix Your Data

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