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Mentat Analytics provides the following services to ensure you get the best of everything Mixpanel has to offer:

Mentat is consistently Mixpanel’s highest-rated solutions partner, whether it’s for

  • an implementation of Mixpanel from scratch,

  • an audit of an existing setup, or

  • simply providing training for teams who want to be better at deriving product insights.

Mixpanel is one of the world’s most popular product intelligence platforms, and for a good reason: it provides an unparalleled balance of power, ease of use, and low cost.


This is our most popular service and one that we’ve provided to startups of all sizes and all verticals, from 3-person founding teams launching a social product to healthcare and Saas businesses with millions in funding.

Training for your team members so they can be self-reliant

Hands-on training

Engineering guidance for your dev team and QA of their work

Engineering guidance

KPIs developed specifically for your product


Dashboards answering your most important product questions


A tracking plan designed to capture your most important data points

Tracking plan

We specialize in all these areas and will work with your dev team to set you up with a top-notch Mixpanel implementation. With a standard implementation you get the following:

  • how to track the right data points,

  • how to implement identity-management correctly, and

  • how to upskill your team so they feel comfortable building out your product analytics dashboards.

The only difficult part about using Mixpanel is the initial implementation. You need to have a good understanding of


Many times, teams set up a Mixpanel implementation on their own but then run into issues as they start to scale and their product gets more sophisticated. This is completely normal, as setting up a scalable implementation is a highly specialized skill.
We regularly work with clients who need to upgrade their existing implementation. We start by assessing your existing implementation and understanding where you want it to be and then work with your team to get you to your ideal destination as quickly as possible.


Sometimes your team has a good implementation in place but you simply don’t have the bandwidth or skills to build our your key Mixpanel dashboards.
Our team is highly skilled at building Mixpanel dashboards and will be able to deliver the results you need with very quick turnarounds, with most dashboard-building projects taking less than 3 weeks.


If you want to be self-reliant, it’s important that your team members are comfortable using Mixpanel.
We’ll set up hands-on training sessions where we teach you and your team members how to answer their most high-priority questions in Mixpanel, using your own data. 


If you feel that you need product analytics support on an ongoing basis, we’ll embed in your team and provide you with data analysis, training, analytics strategy, and any other related needs on an ongoing basis.
We’ll be available on Slack during work hours, meet with you regularly to prioritize work, and act as a member of your own team who will own all your analytics needs.
The best part? It’ll be for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time analytics team. 


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