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Many times, teams set up their Metabase instance without taking advantage of many of the tool’s most useful features. We regularly work with clients who need to upgrade their existing setup. We start by assessing your existing setup and understanding where you want it to be. We then work with your team to get you to your ideal destination as quickly as possible. 


Sometimes your team has Metabase set up and some key reports are built, but you simply don’t have the bandwidth or skills to really get your key questions answered. Our team is highly skilled at building Metabase dashboards and will be able to deliver the results you need with very quick turnarounds. We’ll work with you to develop metrics and prioritize your key questions, ensuring that you get the highest possible return on your investment.


One of Metabase’s standout features is its UI-based query builder. It allows any team members to build advanced queries without any knowledge of SQL. If you want to be self-reliant, your team members must be comfortable building queries in Metabase. We’ll set up hands-on training sessions to teach you and your team members how to answer their most high-priority questions in Metabase, using your own data.


If you feel that you need business intelligence and analytics support on an ongoing basis, we’ll embed in your team and provide you with data analysis, training, analytics strategy, and any other related needs on an ongoing basis. We’ll be available on Slack during work hours, meet with you regularly to prioritize work, and act as a member of your own team who will own all your analytics needs. The best part? It’ll be for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time analytics team.


Metabase is one of the tech industry’s most trusted business intelligence tools. Starting out as an open-source tool, the Metabase team expanded to a hosted model that supports all the most advanced needs of a data-driven company, while staying easy to use and affordable. The Mentat team is highly proficient at working with FullStory, whether it’s building dashboards, creating new data models, or training your non-technical team members on how to use Metabase’s query builder.

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